Mass Times

Leighlinbridge Church

St. Lazerian’s Church, Leighlinbridge

Saturday (Vigil): 7.30p.m.
Sunday: 11.00a.m.
Monday – Thursday: 9.30a.m.

Friday: 9.30a.m. – Eucharistic Prayers

Wednesday 2.00p.m. – 5.00p.m. Blessed Sacrament Adoration

Friday: 5.00pm-9.00pm – Blessed Sacrament Adoration

Ballinabranna Church

St. Fintan’s Church, Ballinabranna

Sunday: 9.30a.m.
Friday: 7.30p.m.

Wednesday 2.00 – 3.00p.m. Blessed Sacrament Adoration

Friday: 8.00 – 9.00p.m – Blessed Sacrament Adoration

Old Leighlin Cathedral

St Lazerian’s Church of Ireland Cathedral, Old Leighlin

Every Sunday: 10.00a.m.
5th Sunday of Month: 11.00a.m.

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Can we Help?

Shelley Coe (The Ridge, Old Leighlin) and David Brogan (Leighlin Parish) were married on June 9th in St Lazerian’s Cathedral, Old Leighlin, followed by an after party in The Lord Bagenal Hotel, Leighlinbridge. The couple were joined in their celebrations by David’s Irish and South African family, while Shelley had guests all the way from [...]

Church Webcam

We are pleased to announce we have introduced the church webcam and live streaming service to our parish. Mass can be viewed online at   Set top boxes are also available to view mass from your television at home. Please note, you will also need broadband for the set top box to work. The [...]

Community Garden

The Community Garden which is to be found behind Fr. Lalor’s house,  is back in action every Friday 10am – 12noon. All welcome to come and lend a hand and join in the fun! If you have an hour or two to spare you would be very welcome to join us.

The meaning of marriage – a pastoral statement from the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Copies of the recently issued information leaflet on the meaning of marriage arising from the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference are available from the Parish Centre or can be downloaded at

Leighlinbridge School – request for used stamps

Please send any used postage stamps to Leighlinbridge School for the missions. They are also collecting old mobile phone for cancer fundraising.

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