Leighlin Parish Fundraising Draw results – August 2022

1st Prize €2,000     Ann Curran

2nd Prize €1,000   James & Mia Lawler

3rd Prize    €200    Kathy McNally

4th Prize    €200    Lillian Watchorn

5th Prize    €200    Hana Sieber

6th Prize    €200    Jim & Kitty Sheehy

7th Prize    €200    Aileen Nevin

Promoters Prizes 4 x €50 …

Leighlin Parish Fundraising Draw Results – July 2022

1st Prize    €2,000      Peggy & Jim Kinsella

2nd Prize  €1,000      Ava Keating

3rd Prize   €200         Ann Brennan

4th Prize   €200         John Paul & Kathy Gahan

5th Prize   €200         John Kelly

6th Prize   €200         John Connolly

7th Prize   €200 …

Leighlin Parish Fundraising Draw Results – June 2022

€2,000         Lauren Dunne

€1,000          Ivor Fennell

€200             Ber Irwin

€200             Tess Connolly

€200             Pat Keating

€200             Michelle Pender

€200             Ann Meaney

Promoter’s Prizes…

SuperBowl GoFundMe

Please support the SuperBowl GoFundMe to help maintain & keep this facility accessible to all the People of Leighlin Parish & beyond. Thank you for your continued support.


Leighlin Parish Fundraising Draw Results – May 2022

1st Prize  €2,000      The 3 M’s

2nd Prize €1,000      Lorraine Doyle

3rd Prize € 200         Arnie Mahon

4th Prize €200          P.J. & Anne Nolan

5th Prize €200          The Orchard Lane Ladies

6th Prize €200          Claire Lennon

Leighlin Parish Fundraising Draw Results – April 2022

1st Prize   €2,000     Denise Brennan

2nd Prize €1,000     Caroline Breen

3rd Prize    €200      Jim Lawlor

4th Prize    €200      Tom & Marie Roche

5th Prize    €200      Veronica Byrne

6th Prize    €200      Grace O’Hare

7th Prize    €200      Kate Walsh


Leighlin Parish Fundraising Draw Results – March 2022

1st Prize €2,000      Roisin Lowry

2nd Prize €1,000     Emma & Mark Brennan

3rd Prize €200         Mia & Sean Dunne

4th Prize €200         Kathleen Kane

5th Prize €200         The O’Reilly Family

6th Prize €200        Evelyn Nolan

7th Prize €200     …

Irish Episcopal Council for Emigrants

A Council of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Columba Centre, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

Tel: 01-5053155 Fax: 01-6016401 Email:[email protected]

28th February 2022

Dear Bishop,

Emigration remains an integral and inextricable part of our national story. Whilst the unparalleled challenges of the global pandemic have curtailed recent travel and migration; of the hundreds of…

Leighlin Parish Fundraising Draw 2022

Six Monthly Draws—Total Prize Fund €25,200 €60 per ticket or €10 per Draw.

Two Extra Draws In March For Promoters With Full Card. Prize €250 each.

1st Prize €2,000, 2nd Prize €1,000, 3rd – 7th Prize €200.

The first draw will be held on Sunday 27th March and all remaining draws on the last Sunday…

Superbowl Maintenance Fund

The Superbowl Complex has proven to be a welcome source of leisure for a large number of people for some time now and in particular over the past year. Joggers / Walkers / Gym users and families are finding the outlet ideal for exercise and gaining the benefits of fresh air in a safe environment.…