This is a list of Leighlin Parish and Community groups and notices which relate to each. Click on the group name below for more information. If you would like your community group or service to appear on our website please contact the Parish Office.

Ballinabranna Church Choir

 The Choir comprises of members of the local congregation. No formal training is required. New members always welcome. Please contact Betty Hughes

Ballinabranna Graveyard Committee

The Committee is responsible for the up-keep and maintenance of Ballinabranna Graveyard.

Ballinabranna Pioneer Group

The Pioneer Group provides a meeting point for local members of the P.T.A.A. and promotes awareness of abuse of alcohol and drugs. The group meets twice yearly. Contact Sally Lawlor (059) 9146441

Fr. Des Dalton Missionary Support

The Support Group financially assists the work of Fr. Des Dalton who has worked in Equador for many years. Funding is mainly from the sale of mass cards which are available locally. Please contact Mary Dermody (059) 972 1231

Grandparents/Grandchildren Group

The Group has been up and running since 2009 and provides a opportunity for grandparents, child minders and the children for whom they care to meet in an atmosphere which is warm and encouraging for both age groups. Grandparents share a cup of tea while children can play with a wide range of toys, games, musical instruments etc. The Group also acts as a link to services which provide necessary supports for those involved in child minding and past speakers have dealt with, among other topics, aromatherapy, exercise and relaxation. The Group has the ongoing support of Carlow Childcare Committee who keeps it up to date with appropriate developments in childcare/childminding.

Killenane Graveyard

A voluntary group takes responsibilty for the upkeep and maintenance of graveyard

Contact Mrs Eileen Kelly

Leighlin Parish Draw

The Parish Draw is one of the main fundraising projects in our parish. The Draw takes place the last Sunday of each month from February to July inclusive.

Leighlinbridge Bereavement Group

The Group provides a sympathetic ear to those needing to talk to someone about their loss and provides comfort and support to the families of the bereaved. A Bereavement Mass is held annually on the first Friday of November to commemorate all Parishioners who died during the previous year. Please contact the Parish Centre.

Leighlinbridge Church Choir

The Choir is made up of local parishioners. No formal training required. New members always welcome. Contact Sr. Anthony (059) 972 1350

Leighlinbridge Pioneers

The Pioneers provide a meeting point for local members and promotes awareness of abuse of alcohol and drug abuse. Breda Aylward (059) 972 1875

Lourdes Invalid Group

 The Group provides funding for people from the Parish who are suffering an illness and wish to go to Lourdes. Funding is sourced from church gate collections in Ballinabranna and Leighlinbridge and by the annual Christmas Draw. Contact Mary Dermody (059) 972 1231

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society

An organisation of lay people approved by The Episcopal Conference to promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Also provides financial assistance for students to the priesthood. Meets bi-monthly alternating between Ballinabranna and Leighlinbridge. Tel: Sally Lawlor (059) 9146441

Tomard Graveyard Committee

The Committee is generously responsible for the up-keep and maintenance of Tomard Graveyard.

Contact John Lawlor 059 914 6441

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